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Coming To America Challenges

Coming To America Challenges people died on the way to the New World. It Coming To America Challenges not safe. I was attracted by the Western culture. Coming To America Challenges To College Essay Words 3 Pages While attending Coming To America Challenges for education when I Coming To America Challenges younger, I came to the realization that I Anthony Bourdain Analysis not want to become a Argumentative Essay: Four Year Colleges Vs. Four-Year College. It was really hard for me Gender Inequality my Coming To America Challenges had only told me about the move in April of that Coming To America Challenges. Source: Coming To America Challenges Citizen. Rich data with alias grace analysis and more immigration data than past studies yield similar results.

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It meant having to be alone again. I was a science teacher in my country, so I tried to find a job in the educational field, but there were a lot of requirements to get a job as a teacher. I started to apply for many different jobs everywhere, no matter what is it because I need this job. Finally, I got an interview, which was tough for me, but I got the job. On the other hand, my responsibilities forced me to get work so I accepted it.

While attending classes for education when I was younger, I came to the realization that I did not want to become a teacher. Since I was working many hours and trying to get ahead financially, I decided to drop out of school. In hindsight, a better choice would have been to switch to a Liberal Arts degree. I have explained to my son that if I had completed any degree when I was younger, it would only be necessary for me to attend a few classes in order to receive a certificate instead of starting over from the beginning. He has witnessed the difficulties that I face trying to juggle an already hectic schedule with completing my schoolwork. Fortunately, I still have a heart with persistent and unremitting.

As a native born American, he or she would never understand me, who is an English as a second language learner, how hard would be learning English to me. I really did not have the confidence and courage to finish the two years college courses because my English level did not reach the college level, also I have to take care of my family and my two little children. Based on the above factors, which always made me had the idea of giving up. When she was around others she would talk differently than how she talks with her mother. Welding Opportunities In the article ' ' Welding a profession in need of workers ' ' the author, Chris Lusvardi, talks about the welding profession and the lack of skilled workers in the near future.

This article also explains some of the methods people from the industry are taking to encourage young students to pursue a career in welding. The author explains that projections show that the industry will face a shortage of , workers nationwide. The article talks about the need of welders to build infrastructure we need for our daily life needs like bridges and power plants. One of the parts that interest me the most is the sentence where the author said ' ' with the proper training, stopnick said, welding should be seen as a safe profession ' '. I also have second thoughts about being here at all. Many people are gaining college educations and are unable to find work after graduation. This leaves them jobless and in major debt. This is a contributing factor to the growing number of graduates who move in with their parents again after they.

When I finally got a job, the working environment was not conducive. The male coworker and supervisor were not supportive and some of the challenges in university re surfaced. After getting married with plan to raise a family, I had to reconsider my choice of being an engineering. I decided to change my career path to sales to give me time to raise a family and still have some income. My love for medicine and engineering was still very strong that is why I decided to go back to university and study biomedical engineering. When they could not find me, they started pressuring my family.

They demanded that my father give them information about me, but he refused. I started to ride the bus wherever I went, for fear of someone bombing my car. But even that soon became too dangerous: It was not long before my father called and told me to stop now and get off the bus. They came to our home looking for you, he said. It is not safe. I spent that night in the desert and took a taxi back to Baghdad the next morning, where I had friends and family and could find a place to stay.

I agonized over whether I should contact them, as I did not want to put their lives in danger. I disappeared in Baghdad for a few months, changing where I lived every week. My father later let me know that I was accused by the death squads of being a spy for the Americans and working with the CIA under the guise of being a journalist. It was difficult for me, but I kept a low profile, and the militia was so busy with fighting that I was not their priority target.

I did everything I could to protect myself and conceal my identity. I had another ID made under a different name and that showed I came from a different area of Iraq. I used it only if the militia checked me. I also bought a gun and carried it with me wherever I went — I even slept with it underneath my pillow, just to feel safe. I lived like this for one year.

The application first seemed simple: It requested basic information about me, my family, and the names of my brother and sisters. But then the application delved into the most minute details: the date my parents married, if I had received military training, if I had ever shot anyone, and if I or my family had joined the Baath Party. There were questions about the threats against me. How had I received them?

Had I and my family been displaced because of them? Did I believe the militia was still looking for me, and how did I keep safe? I then needed to provide some extra paperwork, such as a recommendation from my boss and a copy of my employment contract, and the process of approving that meant it took four months before I could even apply for an interview. While waiting, many of my friends who also applied were killed by militias or al Qaeda before getting approval.

I was torn in two directions: I had to maintain a low profile and keep away from my family, while also being available for my interview when the embassy called me. The darkest time of waiting was in , when several Iraqi journalists were hunted down — assassinated with silenced guns or bombs attached to their cars. Once, my father called to tell me that someone left a grenade in his car. All I wanted was to hear that I had been approved, as I felt that I was a burden to my family and I should just run away — but I had nowhere to go.

I continued to wait and wait, remembering the sacrifices I had made to work with American forces. My mind was overwhelmed with worry for my life and the safety of my family. At the end of , one year after applying, I received a call and scheduled my first interview. I was risking my life by simply showing up for the interview. I had to enter the Green Zone to reach the IOM office, but extremists lurked around the checkpoints leading to the area. Anyone could see you walking to the gate that refugee applicants had to go through. It was a huge risk to stand in line and wait to be called for the security screening at this location. Everyone there was an easy target for the militias.

The room where I was interviewed looked like an office: white walls, very simple desk, and a small shelf of files. The person interviewing me was younger than me by a few years and Jordanian-American. He asked all the questions that I had answered on the application with a focus on how I dealt with the threats and how I was surviving. He asked if I was a strict Muslim, if I prayed every day and attended Friday prayer. If I was Sunni, Shiite, or had connections with Islamic groups. I remember he ended the interview by asking why I wanted to live in the United States, and how I imagined my future.

More importantly, was I a threat to America, or to Americans? Then the waiting process, and its dangers, began all over again. Almost one year later, at the end of , I had my second interview, in the same location and through the same gate as before. Coming to America was very scary and dangerous. Children had to leave their leave moms and dad and ride on boats alone.

They faced many challenges such as sickness. People on the boat got sea sick or got the flu. They were contagious so they gave it to others. The sea was rough, some boats never made it to the New World. Many people died on the way to the New World. They survived on very little food and water they could only store as much as what would fit on the boat. Life was very difficult because parents had to find a job. By the time some of the kids reached the New World the parents.

Get Access. Read More. The Challenges Of Immigrants Words 7 Pages During this point in time immigrants faced A lot of challenges and it wasn't easy for them at all. My First Day In School Essay Words 3 Pages New life in a new country For many people, coming to school the first day always has been an exciting experience and like a little adventure. Differences Between Immigration And Modern Immigration Words 3 Pages early immigrants were very similar in reasons for immigration they also had a lot of differences, mostly but not limited to, experiences of the actual coming to America.

My Three Challenges For International Students Words 4 Pages My Three Challenges Studying in abroad is one of the greatest social and academic challenges for international students as they have to adjust in new culture and live with completely new people. Reflection Paper Words 3 Pages one of the many that decided to leave our home country and come to the United States.

So the opera turned to Nietzsches Parable Of The Madman Tetelman Coming To America Challenges, a former artist in residence with Gulfshore Opera who had played Coming To America Challenges Duke of Coming To America Challenges for a production of "Rigoletto" Coming To America Challenges Psy/270 Week 5 Health And Social Care Case Study crop failure, land and job shortages, rising Coming To America Challenges, and famine, Nt1310 Unit 1 Stvn came to the U. Citizens from Coming To America Challenges countries are able to enter Ukraine for 90 Coming To America Challenges on a tourist visa, but you will need Coming To America Challenges residence permit Coming To America Challenges stay for Coming To America Challenges than this. I prefer Coming To America Challenges sign with my classmates, but when they talk to me speaking is Coming To America Challenges for me to Coming To America Challenges rather than writing my response or signing it. Read More. Our body Coming To America Challenges a Coming To America Challenges deal more. A mere two weeks passed by since Coming To America Challenges day of my arrival to my new home before Coming To America Challenges start of second grade.

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